Pokemon White 2 Cheats – An Interactive Gameplay

Pokemon white 2 cheats and black 2 games are developed The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. These are role-playing video games. It is a part of 5th generation Pokémon Series of role-playing games. In this article, we will know about the Pokémon White 2 which is the sequel of Pokémon white. In Pokemon White 2 cheats there are new additions of locations, and also you will be having new Pokémon’s which was not made available in Pokémon White. Pokémon White 2 have around 300 new creatures which contain Pokémon like Psyduck, Growlithe, and many more.

Pokemon white 2 cheats

Pokemon white 2 cheats

Pokemon White 2 Cheats – An Interactive Gameplay

The game is fully 3D enabled which gives players a real-time experience. Players feel like they are inside the game and enjoys at the most. In the game, like the Pokémon TV series which I guessed most of you have watched, the players need to go to different cities for Pokémon and earn different badges and increase their rating.

Gameplay Walkthrough

When you login first time in the game the player by default is named as Nate if male and Rosa if female, the game starts in the Aspertia city where you Bianca, assistant of Professor Juniper will help you in getting your first Pokémon. When you get your first Pokémon, you will be encouraged to go to various Pokémon Gyms to train your Pokémon and get yourself ready for the Pokémon league. When you travel to different cities for multiple Pokémon battles and badges, a player named, Hugh from the same town where you got your first Pokémon goes with you at certain times. Though he is fulfilling a rival character in the game, he doesn’t seem to be collecting any Pokémon’s, rather than that he aims to recover a Pokémon from Team Plaza, which was disbanded two years ago.

Types of Badges in the Game

There is a total of seven stages in the game, which when completed by you, you will be rewarded with different badges such as:

  • Hone Claws badge after completing Stage 1
  • Calm Mind badge after completing Stage 2
  • Bulk Up badge after finishing Stage 3
  • Double Team badge after completing Stage 4
  • Rock Polish badge after completing Stage 5
  • Swords Dance badge after completing Stage 6
  • Big Pearl badge after completing Stage 7.

To earn these badges, you have to fight several Pokémon gym trainers and defeat them to win the league.

Locations in the game

There are seven different locations where you have to visit and get the badges which include Cold Storage, Relic Castle, Route 14, Route 18, Chargestone Cave, Dreamyard, and Undella Town.

Nowadays, everyone plays to win; no one likes to lose and get the title of a loser in front of their friends. If you aren’t able to win playing honestly, you can use some cheats to defeat your opponent. The game is developed for Nintendo and Nintendo DS and can be performed on that.

Now imagine you are playing a match using your favorite Pokémon and in spite of winning you keep losing the game every time. So, what steps will you take? You will increase your playing skills, practice more or lastly if nothing works you end up find cheat codes and using them. Yes, there are cheat codes for Pokémon White 2. The Pokémon White 2 cheat ranges from getting a master ball to getting full health in no time. With the Pokémon White 2 Cheat, you can win any game instantly.


For Poke balls there is cheat code for all the below:

  • For Master Ball
  • For Ultra Ball
  • For Premier Ball
  • For Poke Ball
  • For Safari Ball
  • For Net Ball
  • For Dive Ball
  • For Repeat Ball
  • For Nest Ball
  • For Timer Ball
  • For Luxury Ball
  • For Premier Ball
  • For Dusk Ball
  • For Heal Ball
  • For Quick Ball
  • For Cherish Ball


You must use a combination of (L+R) buttons in Nintendo DS to activate these cheats and get any Poke ball which you are looking for.

Also, in the game if your health is extremely low, and you are losing the match you can have health cheats for the following:


  • Health Potion
  • Health Antidote
  • Burn Heal heals your burns in just a second
  • Ice Heal heals any ice attack by other Pokémon
  • To awake any Pokémon who is losing their health
  • You can restore your full health with the use of cheat codes
  • Max Potion, so the Pokémon is ready for the fight again
  • Hyper Potion gives your Pokémon immense energy to fight
  • You can do a full revive with the help of cheat codes

Apart from the above, there are many other cheats which can let you win easily and complete the seven stages; you have to use the combination of (L+R) buttons on your Nintendo DS

So, download the game and enjoy the adventures and the fights of various Pokémon while earning different badges.


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