Equinox's Gym Leader Application *NEW* *GROUND*

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    1) What gym are you applying for: Ground

    2) In game username: ____Equinox____

    3) Discord username: #1681

    5) What is the team you have chosen for the gym? (MAX Details):
    Just as preference I'd like them all to be Enormous or Ginormous :p (totally optional though)
    They will be capped at what ever the server prefers, other wise I will cap them myself at 85-95
    Max EVS are an obvious thing, and the IVS are up to however I acquire the Pokemon.

    Moves: Earth Power, Rock Slide, Hidden Power Ice, Knockoff
    Moves: Iron Head, Rapid Spin, Toxic, Earthquake
    Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Roost, Facade
    Moves: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Yawn, Toxic
    Moves: Ice Shard, Seed Bomb, Gunk Shot, Rapid Spin
    Moves: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Roost, U-Turn

    4) What is your TimeZone?:
    CT Central

    5) How many hours can you dedicate into PokeWorld per week?:
    45+ maybe 7-8 hours a day from 4:30pm to 12:00am my time
    6) Why do you want to become Gym Leader?:
    I've loved being a part of this server and i would love to see it strive to the top of all the servers. (i know it will) Becoming the ground gym leader would be especially awesome for me, because I've always thoroughly enjoyed playing with Ground types. If I become gym leader I would love to see the new trainers coming through the doors ready to battle and truly enjoying the heat of the battle. I want them to truly earn their badges and earn where they've gotten in the poke community.
    I thank you for your time reading this application and I say good luck to all applying for any gym leader.

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